“Blauwhaus” is an experimental and complex concept conceived in 2019 by artist Wim Wauman as the conclusion of his artistic research PhD-project on the complementary trio Arts, Apes and Crafts and as an answer to the fundamental questions raised by his preceding WORK FLOW project (2018).

Initially, the Blauwhaus constituted an installation/exhibition designed to host, ‘connect’ and collaborate with fellow artists, makers and thinkers, but it also encompassed a phantasmagorical ‘twilight zone’ created to induce an enhanced state of (creative) ‘flow’ and to stimulate imaginative forces. A dreamy mental space to conduct DeepResearch®, to approach the daily reality from different perspectives, to inspire others (or drag them in) and to stimulate new narratives and poetic thoughts.

During the spring of 2019, and ‘within walking distance’ from a charming castle in Waasmunster (Eastern Flanders, BE), which was for the occasion renamed ‘Blauwhaus’, the artist and his ‘dreamteam’ of guests collaborated to produce new work and set up a series of artistic interventions and events including a pop-up exhibition/guided walk. The project involved the exploration and extrapolation of local peculiarities and histories involving a mermaid holding a turnip, an abbey, ‘Sole Mio’ blankets, pilgrims, two (or three?) birds and two historical artefacts depicting a ‘Waesmonster’…

The name is a neologism which refers to the Blauwendael castle; to the Bauhaus which was established exactly 100 years earlier by architect Walter Gropius in Weimar (DE); and gives a nod at the Red House in London (UK) where William Morris surrounded himself with the pre-Raphaelite-circle. Some might argue this Red House atmosphere

Today, the spirit of Blauwhaus is kept alive in close collaboration with Isabel Bouttens by publishing a series of booklets named Blauwblad and by setting up imaginative and challenging collaborations with enthusiastic creatives from different fields (when the opportunity arises).