Blauwhaus spell

A Merman’s calling
invitation to rejoice
at a forest bathing – castle in blue air
clouded well of ascension
gathering of indigo children
through arts and witchcrafts

While the rocking chair moves about
ducks thoughtfully stir up oceans
birds build nests – establish a situation
epicentre for suburban exploration
of the heart and the abyss

Enchanted words descending
carried by eight-legged horses
great conversations continued
of this men shall know nothing
thinking global, acting local

The Blauwhaus spell
attempts to motivate the masses
mindlessly clinging to present occupations
obligations for a not so distant future
Noah’s Ark – act of choice
or beyond free will?


Text: previously published in ‘Wim Wauman: (Blauwhaus) GetijdenBoek/BookofTides‘, December 2019 (p. 27).