(Love Letter to) LoplopPopol

Dearest LoplopPopol,

How I wonder what has happened since you were released.
Do you fly still together, or did you spread your wings,
in desperate and solitary ways?
Liberty is overrated but birds are meant to fly.
It seems unfair, to submit your love to the raging war
outside the cage. Are you prepared? Did you learn something
useful in the reservoir of hopeful dreams?
Do you still stand strong together, or did the mysteries
of life trick you once again, into their daily schemes?
– – – – –
Your company was more than appreciated, yet at times
the acoustics of the Blauwhaus were against us.
Farewell feathered friends, reptilian twins of loudmouthed
gibberish forever echoing through the castle of my mind.
May the sun forever rise on the horizon and energetic clouds
forever lift you up, from the heart and from above.

Yours sincerely,

(Blauwhaus, Waesmonster, June 2019)


Text: previously published in ‘Wim Wauman: (Blauwhaus) GetijdenBoek/BookofTides’, December 2019 (p.25).