E. pollypolar ‘Blinking Starburst’

At night caught in the spotlight:

     A brand new (Blauwhaus)
     bright ‘n magical hybrid:
     razorsharp – totally lit!

Behold this silvery thistle,
from the polar cracks it grows:
all paths are passing through it,
the boundless multiverse it knows!

While we sail counterclockwise,
it may guide us as it glows
– but the glaciers keep shrinking –
’round the globe time flows!

So beware the bird’s eye blinking,
the ‘Starburst’ leading you astray,
many times: kept us from sinking,
don’t be fooled – it shows the way!

through all constellations webbed
‘n skies encompassing the rose:
this thorny beakon* of etymology,[1]
(poetry,) Cherrytales and prose.


Eerder verschenen in Blauwblad No. 05, feb. 2022 (p. 23-24).

[1] Beakon = beak (snavel/bek) + beacon (lichtbaken) = ‘snavelkompas’ (zie ook: snavelstaarderij*)