C. giganteum ‘Fan Thomas’

A noteable member of the Primrose family
with redish stems – twisted narrative string,
glossy leaves and elegant flowers mimicking
an eerie play of angels – swirling in harmony.

But unlike its ‘Fairypale Virgin’ sis:
expelled from botanical heavens
– unambiguously deceptive –
and ruthless this predator is.

     ‘Cause after dark:
     whee whee – whish whish

Ferocious white flowers pierce the skies
in hot pursuit of beetles, crane flies,
crickets and bumblebees humming
– poised to strike all that’s coming.

     It’s unbelievable!
     whee whee – whish whish

Nightcrawling its way up
from the crowned jellywish*
– a perennial edible tuber –
sprouts reeking of blood,
dried squid, rotten fish.

     It’s unbelievable!
     How brutal this ‘Fan Thomas’ is.


Text and illustration: previously published in Blauwblad No. 05, Februari 2022 (p. 20-21).

*Jellywish ~ kwalachtige knol in de verbeelding (< ‘jellyfish’).