De Tuin van Gistern* en Morgen

ArtistIsabel Bouttens, Wim WaumanTitleDe Tuin van Gistern* en MorgenYear2020SizeH 24 mMaterialsprints on Forex, wood and veneer, metal, textile

A collaboration (commissioned by Stad Aalst – Tourism & Heritage) between Isabel Bouttens (illustrations) and Wim Wauman (texts and woodwork) decorating three monumental wooden walls installed in the Saint-Martins Church (Aalst) during the extensive restoration work.

Wim and Isabel drew their inspiration from the interior and history of the church, the iconography, symbols and art works on site. And from their imagination. The overarching plan also represents the symbols of a Tarot cardreading (see underneath) for both Isabel and Wim which took place on Februari 22nd (2020) in Waregem (during the opening of the exhibition by a Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert in Be-part). The intervention (WxH: approx. 20 x 24 m) combines XXL printed (digital) drawings/paintings with fantastic details; hand veneered assemblages and artefacts; and a (Re)Creational Story: accumulation of linguistic play featuring a multitude of invented words (Dutch); a deviant vocabulary.