Blauwhaus Residence

ArtistWim WaumanTitleBlauwhaus Residence (Infrastructure)Year2019SeriesBlauwhaus Residence WaasmunsterMaterialsMixed (Installation)

Scenography and installation (‘Blauwhaus Residence’) in Kasteel Blauwendael Waasmunster (April 28 – May 26 2019) activated in collaboration with the Blauwhaus #Dreamteam (artists in residence).

From Sunday April 28th until Sunday May 26th 2019 the exhibition space of the Blauwendael Castle in Waasmunster was transformed into the ‘Blauwhaus’: an art installation/residency program where Wim Wauman collaborated with a ‘dreamteam’ of experts, craftsmen, artists, pilgrims and writers. The name is a neologism and refers to the Blauwendael castle and the Bauhaus which was established exactly 100 years ago by architect Walter Gropius in Weimar (DE), and gives a nod at the Red House in London (UK) where William Morris surrounded himself with the pre-Raphaelite-circle.

The dreamteam consisted of ‘residents’ such as Alice McCabe (UK), Evy Bosman, Ilse Van Roy, Isabel Bouttens, Hilde Borgermans, Kaat Somers, Kelly Schacht, Leen Huet, Lander Cardon, Madeleine Wermenbol, Veerle Verschooren, Warre Mulder, and others. We set up collaborations with Robbert & Frank Frank & Robbert, Ben Kockelkoren, Paul D’Haese, Elke Hoste, Nelle De Maeyer, Lieven Segers, Melvin Vandersteylen and others. We organized presentations, performances, and informal discussions by and with Arjen Mulder (NL), Prof. Dr. Arthur Cools, Maria Degrève, Paul Demets, Wilfried Huet, Prof. Dr. Caroline Voet, Dr. Guy Bovyn, Johan Steyaert and Prof. Dr. Lara Schrijver.

On the final day of the residency (Sunday May 26th) we organised a pop-up exhibition and guided walk. A new richly illustrated publication (184p) on the experimental adventure, and the research trajectory which led to it, was launched on Friday December 20th in Antwerp during my public PhD presentation and defense.